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Saturday, June 14, 2014

DroidCon TLV - 2014 - DAY 2

multi process tasks are complicated
all services and reciever are on the main threads .

thread is real parallel but expensive .... use thread pool where you can.
use intent service instead of servics.
disk access are expensive --- for shared preference you can use Apply method than commit to save in the background into the disk.

Future library for concurrency.
Guava library for extra extension and tools .
Gson - json to object from google.

Bug Repoerts:
bugsense  - > free for up to 500 report in month
ACRA  -> you might need your server code -- this tools will send it t you.
Google breakpad - you might need your server

You can connect to OS temperature action.
In Settings-developers- cpu you can see which process are running and how much cpu they get.

Android studio is good also dealing with Google cloud endpoints .
use Api Explorer to watch google endpoints .

WebGl -- its the open gl for web.
for models you can use or blender  studio.

androiddev101 good site

ROM Cooking

Hybrid app:
its possible to communicate with JS in web view with your native android code

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