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Sunday, July 13, 2014

WebSphere PMI – Performance monitor

WebSphere PMI – Performance monitor

General settings
Make sure PMI is enabled

In the above screen you can control which level of logs the PMI would monitor , basic-extended-all or custom were you can choose your own statistics set.
Basic overhead up to 2%
_ Extended overhead up to 3%
_ All overhead of up to 6%
_ Custom will depend on the counters enabled but it is reasonable to expect
somewhere between 2%-6%

Runtime monitor
Open the current activity
Choose the statiscs you want to see
Click on the view modules – to see the graph .

You can log to file all the results to see it after

If you want to log to file – you can control on the log files

To see the logs
Browse to the tpv file – and click on the ViewLog button .

Extra details – and links could be found here:

Tuning performance


WebSphere Application Server Performance Tuning Toolkit

Yaniv Tzanany


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