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Monday, March 13, 2017

Find your Memory Leak C++

Using Performance Monitor to Find a User-Mode Memory Leak - Windows 10 hardware dev:


i like the UMDH command to analyze memory, without the need to recompile application.

the command i used e.g.
umdh.exe -pn:xxx.exe -f:FirstDump.txt
umdh.exe -pn:xxx.exe -f:SecondDump.txt
umdh.exe -d -v -l  FirstDump.txt SecondDump.txt -f:Result.txt
umdh.exe -d -v -l SecondDump.txt ThirdDump.txt  -f:Result2.txt

gflags.exe  -i xxx.exe +ust

gflags.exe  -i xxx.exe -ust
dont forget 
delete all registry - gflags.exe /i xxx.exe ffffffff

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