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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Google Interview Question

i add a chance to start interview process via google as Sales Engineer for GCP.
here are some question i have been asked:

  • 3 products you want to change - (my answer ,  cloud  ,  gmail ,  chrome)
  • 50,000 are using your (Freemium ) free service  - 10% conversion rate  how to increase conversion rate?   (my answer ,     give a service from vip , analyze results ..etc)
  • china - google want a data center - recommend to buy or hired , where why ? etc (my answer government will give you - to follow the rules, buy , cold place next to border)
  • open source - is it good or not ? and why ? 
  • build like youtube system 
  • no sql db such as mongodb - what benefit? 
  • how would you convinced CIO to choose gcp instead of aws?
  • how you publish new like youtube version - zero down time 

some tech question as well , good luck to all
Yaniv tzanany

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